Office Fit Out Costs  -  Relocation, Office Refurbishment and Office Fit-out

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Cost information is only a guide. Project costs vary and figures quoted above are averages per square foot for typical CAT B office fit-out and office refurbishment. 

Typical 2010 Office fit-out project costs are ranging from £45 psf for an office refurb in a logistics warehouse to £75 psf for a project that includes a significant upgrade to the building ventilation systems.

Certain projects involve a fit-out cost per square foot far higher than the typical range. Titanium Construction has completed schemes with costs in the region of £150 - £170 per square foot. Interior fit-out projects with this level of cost differ from regular office interior refurbishment in that the fittings, materials and furniture will be specified to the very highest standard, rather than usual commercial levels.

All figures quoted by Titanium Construction include Design, CDM & Building Regulation submissions, and project management the figures are for complete start-to-finish projects.

Data quoted elsewhere.

Office Occupancy

BCO, the British Council for Offices, quotes an office occupancy space of 107 sq ft per person average, whilst the Office for Government Commerce recommends an average figure of 110 sq ft per person. These figures vary significantly from our average as they are likely to exclude offices with space for growth, whereas the Titanium Construction figures are based upon ratios at first occupation.

Put a different way, office fit-out and office refurbishment projects for new or vacant offfice space typically allow 30% room for growth. BCO and OGC figures refer to a full occupancy ratio just before the occupier had to think about future property strategy.

Office Fit Out Costs

Savills suggest a price range for CAT B office fit-out costs of £40 - £60 per square foot for a basic specification, £60 - £80 psf for a mid-range scheme, £80 - £100 psf for a high quality project and £120 + for projects with outstanding design and quality. Typically these figures include seperate professional fees for architects, external project management, QS and cost control that together account for the difference between Titanium Construction design and build fit-out costs and the 'traditional' examples quoted by Savills.

Legal minimum office space per person

There is no prescribed minimum occupancy level for an office. Within the UK Building Regulations the section dealing with Fire Hazards (Part B of the Building Regs) advises a minimum area of 6 square metres (64 sq feet) for each person in an office premises. This figure can be achieved by equating the total headcount against the overall net internal area (NIA) and so doesn't necessarily limit the space for a single person with a desk.

In practice offices will have a number of factors, mostly relating to Fire Escape but also the provisions of WCs, amount of fresh air available through a ducted system, that have an impact on the legal maximum number of people accommodated within an office building. The Means of Escape is the key criteria for density of occupation. Once a workstation / office layout is defined the Building Control advisor can determine if there is sufficient Escape routes for the staff numbers.

Occassionally cost information is presented on a Square Metre basis. The ratio of square feet to square metres is approximately 10.7:1.

Office Fit Out Terminology - Cat A and Cat B

CAT A refers to the fit-out or refurbishment undertaken by a Landlord. Typically this will include suspended ceilings and lighting, a raised floor with carpet, air conditioning, sometimes a degree of local power within the open floor area, and sometimes a teapoint with plumbing. Showers and WCs are usually included within the base build. CAT A also descibes the quality of the Landlords fit-out, with a level that is commensurate with a building at the upper end of the rental value for the location.

CAT B is the Tenants office fit-out, covering partitions, data, features and infrastructure unique to the occupier.